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DAUGHTER OF THE KING TELEVISION INTERNATIONAL is a Christian network designed to carry out the Gospel through media.

The Ministry of Jesus Christ that Jennifer Rosa has been called to, is to the Broken Women in Prison. To see them set free through the blood of Jesus Chris in being saved. Nurtured by the  Word of God, being taught and empowered in putting on the Whole Armor of God to stand the wiles of the wicked. The Women in the prison will receive tools, such as journals for their journey, Holy Bibles to study, my book- Life After -Lock Up and other material; Special prayers over the women, and their free acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Certification of completion of the Ministry Training at the Prison/ Hospital; Fundraising and Acceptance of Donations for the support of this Christian Prison Ministry For Women that Jesus Christ has called me into. There will be Follow Up on the continuation of the Women, including seeking residency and ministering to their families for further stability as being Free From Lock-Up of drugs, alcohol, prostitution, jail, prison, broken relationships, helping with their children, court system and financial service, Additional faith services as Abba Father will lead me to do for the Women in Jesus Name. 

Minister Jennifer Rosa

Committed to Jesus Christ 

Moving Forward

More than 600,000 prisoners are released every year. Statistics report that two out of three former prisoners will be arrested again within three years. Having experienced both physical and mental incarceration, author Jennifer A. Rosa shares some of the lessons she learned and provides the reader with simple, practical tools to help you move forward with your life.

Life After Lock-up

This book is truly inspired by God and will draw the readers into an incredible journey of deliverance from broken lives, by the power of the Holy Ghost, after you come to the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. This will demonstrate the only true Love of God, that is unconditional and is eternal. This book will remind the reader that all sin is forgivable, so as forgiven we must forgive others as a point of connection of living God’s Love, as the true essence of being delivered from drugs, alcohol, sexual perversion, mental illness, etc.

Jesus is our seliverer, according to Romans 10:13 ans Joel: 2:32. You will fall in love with this book LIFE AFTER LOCK-UP and the inspired author, Ms. Jennifer A. Rosa.

So get inspired as you purchase this book Jennifer, to have on your study table to digest on deliverance in real flavor by Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.

The Problem In Americas Prison System

The United States imprisons more of its citizens than any other nation – currently nearly 2.2 million. While more than 600,000 Americans are released from correctional facilities annually, two thirds are re arrested within three years. Each year the nation spends over $80 billion to incarcerate and reincarcerate people. Beyond the financial impact, the cycle of crime and incarceration produces broken relationships, victimization, despair and instability impacting families and communities across the nation. Clearly, something isn’t working.